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Tasmanian Property & Home Inspections
Tasmanian Property & Home Inspections

About Us

Tasmanian Property and Home Inspections is a family owned business who’s family has direct involvement in Launceston’s building trade dating back to the 1830's. We have always been involved with the building trade in some capacity although our roles have changed and evolved over the years. In the modern world, we choose to focus more on offering building inspections to our clients in Launceston and this is a role that we fulfil with pride.

The business, in its current format, is owned by building inspector Brent Milner. Brent, like his forefathers, has been heavily involved in the building industry in Launceston since 1982, starting initially with the construction of new homes. During his early years, he spent time working on numerous renovation projects and conducted maintenance on new and old properties alike. It was during this time that Brent realised that he had an eye for detecting potential problems – something that stands him in good stead today in his role as a building inspector.

Services We Provide

Here at Tasmanian Property and Home Inspections, we provide a comprehensive service to all our clients. In our role as a building inspector in Launceston, we conduct extensive visual inspections of properties that are carried out by our fully qualified (see below for qualifications) and State Government Accredited Building Practitioner. This includes manual checks on various items around the property including taps.

On completion of our inspection, we will write a complete report on the status of the property. This will be a completely independent, unbiased report that will highlight any areas of concern that we may have now or could see potentially occurring in the future. Our easy to understand reports are generally completed on the day of inspection so you won’t be left in limbo for any length of time.

State wide coverage offered. We charge a standard flat rate fee of $499 (Launceston area) on all dwellings up to 250m2. Larger properties as per quote. We guarantee that there are no hidden charges.

We also do commercial building inspections! Commercial inspections are priced individually & are quoted upon request. Commercial inspections start at $750

Boundary and Set Back Measurements

This service is generally requested by lawyers and starts at $300 if booked in to be done at same time as initial property inspection. This is a extra service and not part of standard pre-purchase report. Rural or acreage not included.

What We Check

In our role as building inspectors in Launceston, we will conduct an extensive inspection of the property. This will be carried out in a professional and thorough manner and all aspects of the property will be inspected. This involves a visual and physical check of the property from a road visage as well as a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. This will include any outside areas such as a yard.

The goal of this inspection is access the overall appearance and condition of the dwelling looking for any signs of cracking, damp or any other physical issues with the property. In our report, we will give a full and honest assessment of the property highlighting any areas of concern. These concerns will be explained to you in detail putting you in a position to make a more informed decision about the property.

Why Use Us?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide an honest, professional and efficient service to all our clients. We are a State Government Accredited Building Practitioner and our building inspector, Brent Milner recognises that the building industry is constantly evolving with new techniques and materials. He appreciates that to ensure he maintains his first class knowledge of the industry he requires further formal training that goes above and beyond the invaluable experience that he has gained onsite. We are proud that Brent has the following relevant qualifications:

  • Building Industry Professional since 1982
  • Fully Accredited and Insured Licenced Building Practitioner
  • Licenced Building Services Provider
  • State Government Recognised Carpenter and Joiner
  • Certificate III Building and Construction holder
  • Certificate IV Building and Construction holder
  • Certificate IV Establish legal and risk management requirements for small business holder
  • Australia Wide OHS Construction Induction Card Holder
  • Diploma of Building and Construction
  • Holder of restricted roof plumbers endorsement
  • Fully qualified residential building inspector (Statement of attainment)
  • Member of Master Inspector Association of Australia (

Brent has been involved with Spec building, multiple personal property sales, contract building, Renovations, subdivisions, property inspections and maintenance for an extended period of time. He is therefore fully aware of issues and problem areas that can arise with dwellings.

Of course, when you are choosing a building inspector you will be looking for more than just formal qualifications. Honesty and pride in our work are what sets us apart from all of our competitors. The fact that we are and always have been based in Launceston only exemplifies this point. Brent is naturally very honoured to have been self employed for over 40 years and feels that this is testimony to the service that he provides.

As we are always keen to stress, we are 100% independent and not involved with any other third party such as developers or other corporations and as such we can give you completely unbiased reporting. We will always give our honest assessment of your property. You will find that we are professional, efficient and prompt as well as being friendly and personable. This will put you at ease and give you the confidence to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you may have.

We are always keen to stress that we work for you, not the seller or the agent. We give an honest assessment of the property, in an affordable, fast and easy to understand report.

Additional Information

We are always keen to stress that external factors and factors that are beyond our control can affect the accuracy of our reports. Along with deliberate attempts to mislead our inspector can lead to inaccuracies whilst we do our utmost to avoid this. Remember, the report should be used for guidance and should not be relied upon to make a final judgement on the purchase of the property – it is merely a tool to assist with this process.

Commercial property inspections start at $750

Receive a prompt, affordable property report with no hidden charges.

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